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The Archer is an Archery tier 2 infantry unit in Symphony of War and a decent upgrade of the Bowman. The Archer is the mainstay of Tier 2 Archery units and can serve decently as a squad to weaken enemy squads from range. Like all infantry archers, it becomes a light infantry unit with the Archer General* technology and gains its unit trait then.

Regarding traits, there are several options available:

  • Bowmanship can help it deal consistent damage to enemies on walls and in forests.
  • As a specialised unit, it can be given the traits of Dragonslayer and Smite, in order to make the unit an anti-magic and anti-assassin unit.
  • Lithe Assault and Precision should improve overall damage, especially against more heavily armored units. Another combination is Lithe Assault and Assassin's Heart, increasing critical damage and critical hit chance.
  • Overpower is also a good option as it can increase the morale damage done by the Warbow attacks, allowing for easier Forced Surrender. Combined with Disarm, it can be used to lower damage.
  • Concentration and Cold-Blooded can be used to increase overall damage output, but the first removes critical attacks and the latter only works on already damage units. Thus the effect is likely to be wasted on the first turn on fresh squads.


Stats Base Growth
Max HP Med Med
Strength Med High
Magic Low Low
Skill High High

Battle Details

  • Unit type: Archery
  • Can Ambush: No
  • Battle actions: 2 Bow attacks at 1 range, or 1 Arced Bow attack at 2 range.


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Behemoth Leather Armor
Advanced Archery Technique
Archer General*