Nephilim Power

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Nephilim Power is used to power extraordinary actions, separate from squads' and units' powers. The Nephilim are beings seen as deities by adherents to the Donari Temple.

The Nephilim Power mana meter helps the Hero track the amount of it left; it is the pentagram-shaped UI object on the top right of the screen. Thanks to the Power the player can teleport squads, drop meteors, refresh turns, make a squad invincible for a turn, and demoralize the enemy.

Caption text
Deity Name power Effect Usage of the effect Unlocked
Cyrene Meteor In cross-shaped area of effect, will hit up to five squad with a meteor rain, dealing 25% damage. Cannot kill the squad. Example Chapter 20:
Donar Blessing Squad is allowed to move and perform an action a second time Example Unlocked at chapter 18.
Galzus Exemplar Selected squad gains high defensive, making it hard to damage. This can be exploited by having a defensive squad with a considerable lower threat score in a shield wall. The enemy AI will still attack that unit. Can thereby provide safety for other units. Can also be used on a squad determined to stand in between a bottleneck. Unlocked at chapter 18.
Landis Teleport Squad is teleported five squares or less from current position. Best use of the talent is to teleport squads over impassible terrain or terrain that slows them down. Unlocked at chapter 18.
Ishtar Terror Demoralises up to nine squads in an 3x3 area. Units with default fearless morale are not that much affected. Units with good or fair morale are better targets for the effect. Unlocked by completing gaiden chapter E: Ishtar's Lament.