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Squads are one of key parts of gameplay in Symphony of War.

The Hero can build and command squads of up to 9 units. Squads are usually lead by one of the many of the story’s main cast of characters, or by a leader assigned by the Hero, and can be thousands of different combinations with over 60 unit classes.


The player can have up to 9 units in 15 squares on the grid (9 base tiles and 6 semi-tiles). Placement determines how much damage units do and take, as well as how the enemy can target them.


Capacity of a squad is determined by the leadership stats of the squad leader, it affects how many units and/or artifacts can be place in the squad. The first five units in a squad have no extra capacity cost. Starting with the 6th unit, every unit require 2 more extra capacity than the previous unit to put into the squad. 6th unit require +2 extra capacity, 7th +4, 8th +6, 9th +8.