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The Swordmaster is a Melee tier 3 infantry unit in Symphony of War and is the ultimate Light Infantry that targets a single unit, capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to enemy front lines with their double attacks. Their extremely high SKL means they will perform critical hits often.

This unit is very similair to the Champion, which is a heavy armor unit, also capable of attacking a single unit two times. The Swordmaster has a far higher skills and about equal strength of two two, thus making the Swordmaster more likely to critical hit. The Champion usually has more hp, and due to its class, more armor and is far better in tanking hits.

When comparing the Swordmaster to the ranger, both have the same armor rating at the same level, but the ranger has in many situations, more hp and thus is better to tank hits, when they hit. The Swordmaster has better damage output of the two, but the ranger crossbow attack can hit weaker units in any row. When it comes to skill, the swordmaster is most times, ahead of the two units, but not by large amount.

Regarding traits, there are the following options for this unit:

  • Useful traits will enhance their critical chances and damage, such as Lithe Assault, Assassin's Heart, and Precision.
  • As a specialised unit, it can be given the traits of Dragonslayer and Smite, in order to make the unit an anti-magic and anti-assassin unit.
  • Concentration and Cold-Blooded can be used to increase overall damage output, but the first removes critical attacks and the latter only works on already damage units. Thus the effect is likely to be wasted on the first turn on fresh squads.


Stats Base Growth
Max HP Med Med
Strength High Med
Magic Low Low
Skill High High

Battle Details

  • Unit type: Light Infantry.
  • Can Ambush: Yes
  • Battle actions: 2 Slashing double attacks at 1 range
  • Special actions: Increased evasion in woods, towns, hills, and swamp.


Related Technologies
Journeyman Leathercraft
Behemoth Leather Armor