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Units are the individual soldiers in Symphony of War. Up to 9 units can be grouped into a squad.

Unit types

Classes within specific types can be upgraded. Class upgrades come from Class XP (CP) gained through combat or CP items, which leads a unit to class mastery. Once that class is mastered, and they have the prerequisite stats and the army has the resources for it, the player can upgrade into higher tiers. Further still, once a tier 3 unit has reached max mastery it can be upgraded one last time using a Proof of Merit, giving it a substantial all around stat boost but it can never change classes again.

Unit death

If units fall in battle, they will be out for the rest of the chapter, and revived during the next Home Base sequence. They can also be revived at Temples.

If a non-story unit dies while Permadeath is enabled, the unit will no longer be available for use.

Unit stats

  • HP
  • XP
  • CP
  • Capacity
  • Threat
  • Weapon
  • Armor
  • STR
  • MAG
  • SKL
  • LDR

Learnable Traits

Arcane Barrier

  • At the start of battle, gain a barrier equal to 50% of MAG.

Arcane Might

  • Gain STR based on a % of MAG.

Arcane Speed

  • Gain SKL based on a % of MAG.

Arcane Vigor

  • Gain Max HP based on a % of MAG.

Assassin's Heart

  • Critical damage increased by 50%.

Assassin's Reaper

  • Dealing critical hits restores a small amount of HP.


  • When an ally is healed, this unit is also healed for 25% of the effect.


  • Deal +25% damage while on defense. Stacks with black belt.


  • Restore a small amount of HP when an enemy unit is killed in combat.


  • Deal 20% more and take 20% less damage if covering the squad leader.


  • Gain +3 STR at the start of battle for every unit in the enemy squad.


  • +25% damage to already damaged enemies.


  • Unit can no longer critical hit, but deals +15% damage.


  • Unit has a chance to take another action in battle based on lower %HP remaining.


  • Unit has a chance, based on SKL, to prevent its primary target from count-attacking in the same battle.


  • Unit does +50% more damage to Dragons.


  • Unit has a chance for an extra action for every enemy below 25% HP at the end of combat.


  • Unit takes -25% damage while on defense

Healing Attuned

  • When being healed, the effect is increased by 50%.

Immortal Spirit

  • Once per chapter, this unit will survive an enemy volley that would otherwise be fatal.


  • This unit is more likely to be targeted by enemies in battle.

Lithe Assault

  • Bonuses to hit confer a partial bonus to critical hit chance (max 15%).


  • Some people are just lucky.


  • Deal damage to enemy morale based on difference in STR.


  • Critical hits bypass 100% of target armor.


  • Unit gains 20% bonus to XP, CP, and LDR growth.


  • Unit takes 25% less damage when under 50% max HP.


  • Unite does +50% more damage to rogue, assassin, and [[magician] units.


  • Gain a small amount of gold per fallen enemy defeated in any combat.


  • Unit is less likely to be targeted by enemies in battle.


  • Enemies cannot critical hit this unit.


  • Unit deal +25% damage for every incapacitated unit in this squad.

Warrior's Hubris