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Units are the individual soldiers in Symphony of War. Up to 9 units can be grouped into a squad.

Unit Archetypes

A unit's archetype determines their stat growth when leveling up. It is also used to determine bonuses for Mixed Unit Tactics. The archetypes are:

Classes within specific types can be upgraded. Class upgrades come from Class XP (CP) gained through combat or CP items, which leads a unit to class mastery. Once that class is mastered, and they have the prerequisite stats and the army has the resources for it, the player can upgrade into higher tiers. Further still, once a Tier 3 or Tier 4 unit has reached max mastery it can be upgraded one last time using a Proof of Merit, giving it a substantial all around stat boost but it can never change classes again.

For a full list, check the Units Category

Unit death

If units fall in battle, they will be out for the rest of the chapter, and revived during the next Home Base sequence. They can also be revived at Temples.

If a non-story unit dies while Permadeath is enabled, the unit will no longer be available for use.

Unit stats

Stat Description
MHP Max Health Points. The amount of damage a unit can take before it becomes unconscious
Weapon The general amount of damage or healing that this unit will do.
ARM Armor. Reduces incoming physical damage.
STR Strength. Scales up damage for physical attackers - such as melee and archery (except crossbowmen), and dragons. Also reduces incoming physical damage.
MAG Magic. Scales up damage for magical attackers - such as magicians and support, and dragons. Also reduces incoming magical damage.
SKL Skill. Determines the likelihood of hit rate, dodges, grazes, and critical hits.
LDR Leadership. Determines the capacity (CAP) of a squad when this unit is the leader of a squad.
XP Experience Points. Determines how far away from the next level this unit is.
CP Class Points. Determines how far away the unit is from being able to upgrade their class or apply a Proof of Merit.

Learnable Traits

Traits are additional skills that are added to a unit to improve certain factors or abilities of the unit. Normal units have 2 slots for learnable traits, whereas unique mercenaries and story units only have 1 slot.

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