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Abigayle is a story character in Symphony of War. She is encountered after the battle of chapter 4 is concluded and will join the army in chapter 5, where is deployed by default. She starts as a Medic class and is sister of the Sisterhood of Mercy, which is part of the Donari church. Like most unique characters, she has an unique trait, which is the Dragon Affinity trait, which allows dragons on her squad, gain more CP and thus they promote faster to their more mighty, adult form.

She can be developed like a normal medic. The Legends DLC has introduced an unique class for her, which in unlocked after concluding Legend Chapter 6.



Battle Actions

As Queen of Dragons

Abigayle Dragon Sprite.png
Attack Type Actions
Melee 2 Ice Dragon breath attacks at 1 range. Full squad heal available as needed
Ranged N/A

As other classes

Abigayle will have the same battle actions like other units in the same class.



Initial Stats

Attribute Value
HP.pngHealth Points ?
Weapon.pngWeapon ?
ARM.pngArmor ?
STR.pngSTR ?
MAG.pngMAG ?
SKL.pngSKL ?
LDR.pngLDR ?
Power.pngThreat Rating ?

Chapter Availability

Blue Tile.png = Available in the chapter as controllable unit.
Skin Tile.png = Not available in the chapter.

Normal Chapters
Chapter Number Availability Note
Chapter 1 Skin Tile.png
Chapter 2 Skin Tile.png
Chapter 3 Skin Tile.png
Chapter 4 Skin Tile.png
Chapter 5 Blue Tile.png Abigayle must be part of the starting squads.
Chapter 6 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 7 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 8 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 9 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 10 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 11 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 12 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 13 Skin Tile.png
Chapter 14 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 15 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 16 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 17 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 18 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 19 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 20 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 21 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 22 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 23 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 24 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 25 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 26 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 27 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 28 Blue Tile.png
Chapter 29 Skin Tile.png
Chapter 30 Blue Tile.png
Gaiden Chapters
Chapter Number Availability Note
Gaiden Chapter A Blue Tile.png
Gaiden Chapter B Blue Tile.png
Gaiden Chapter C Blue Tile.png
Gaiden Chapter D Blue Tile.png
Gaiden Chapter E Blue Tile.png
Legends Chapters
Chapter Number Availability Note
Legend Chapter 1A Blue Tile.png
Legend Chapter 1B Blue Tile.png
Legend Chapter 2 Blue Tile.png
Legend Chapter 3A Blue Tile.png
Legend Chapter 3B Blue Tile.png
Legend Chapter 4 Blue Tile.png
Legend Chapter 5 Blue Tile.png
Legend Chapter 6 Blue Tile.png


Possible bond partners Bond Icon.png
Families Family Icon.png
Friends Friend Icon.png
  • Stefan Face Updated.png Stefan (Possible after chapter ?)