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Resources in Symphony of War are the needed items for promoting units to another class. The game has six resources:

Caption text
Resource name Item value Exhange ratio Needed for classes Header text Header text
Iron Example 0.5 Soldier, Spearman, Acolyte, Sentinel, Cavalier Example Example
Horses Example 1 Cavalier, Dragoon Field Cannon Horsebow Hussar Knight, Raider Valkyrie Example Example
Gems Example 1 Apprentice, Hospitaller, Priestess, Siren, Blue Dragon Rider, Red Dragon Rider, Silver Dragon Rider Example Example
Obsidian Example 0.5 Zweihander, Champion, Swordmaster, Warbow Example Example
Pyrocite Example 1 Dragoon, Gunner, Field Cannon, Siege Cannon Example Example
Sunstone Example 1 Paladin, Templar, Valkyrie Example Example

Tier one and higher resources:

  • Iron
  • Horse(s)
  • Gems

Tier two and higher resources:

  • Obsidian
  • Pyrocite
  • Sunstone

These can either be bought from the marketplace, bazaar or obtained from seizing objectives. At the marketplace and bazaar, its also possible to exhange a resource for either two other resources in 1:1, 2:1 or 1:2 ratio's. Some resources can also be gained as loot from defeaten squads.

Fixed locations

On standard game settings, the default resources out of mines is three units per mine. With New game plus, the amount can be changed to 2 or 4 as well. Horses can be found on stables, which is not much different than a mine.