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The Apprentice is a Magician tier 2 Slow infantry unit in Symphony of War. While they can pack a punch with their single-target magic attack, ultimately the aim is to rank them up into a better Tier 3 class. When it comes to classes, its in general better to unlock the apprentice training technology over promoting fighters and bowmen to this rank, as these units will have a significantly lower magic score at the start. If starting with a tier 1 class for a mage, then consider doing this at the lower lever, in order to give the unit more levels to gain magic.

Regarding traits, there are the following options:


Stats Base Growth
Max HP Low Low
Strength Low Low
Magic Med High
Skill Low Med

Battle Details

  • Unit type: Magician
  • Can Ambush: No
  • Battle actions: 1 Fire Magic attack at 1 range


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