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The Field Cannon is a Firearms tier 3 cavalry unit in Symphony of War Legends DLC. It is an advanced ranged firearms unit capable of dealing massive amounts of damage in a wide area of effect. They deal less damage than their Siege Cannon counterpart, due to having less weapon power, but they make up for it with Cavalry movement. They can be part of a cavalry squad and after attacking move to safe position.

Field Cannon do not fire when an enemy squad attacks, so it is important to keep them out of harm's way, especially since the enemy will factor this lack of defense into their calculations on which squad to target. Field Cannon make a juicy and fairly easily killed target.

Being primarily focused on damage, good traits for the Field Cannon include Executioner and Cold Blooded. They also benefit significantly from other units in the same row having Rally.


Stats Base Growth
Max HP Med Med
Strength Low Low
Magic None None
Skill Med Med

Battle Details

  • Unit type: Firearms
  • Can Ambush: No
  • Battle actions: 1 Explosive Cannon attack at 1,2, or 3 range
  • Special: Deals splash damage to surrounding tiles. Attacks ignore 75% of Armor. Damage derived only from Weapon stat, and not STR. Cannot counter-attack


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