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The Acolyte is a Melee tier 2 infantry unit in Symphony of War.


Stats Base Growth
Max HP Med High
Strength Med High
Magic Low Low
Skill Med Med

Battle Details

  • Unit type: Heavy Infantry
  • Can Ambush: No
  • Battle actions: 2 Striking attacks at 1 range.
  • Special: Resists Magic and Dragon Breath attacks by 25% of this unit's Armor value


Related Technologies
Adept Metallurgy
Advanced Material Science
Steel Forging
Obsidian Forging

Strategy and Builds

The Acolyte is a staple front-line heavy infantry that will serve well in the early-mid game. Having the Guardian trait makes them ideal as general purpose defensive units. Their main purpose is to gain CP to be able to rank up into the powerful Valkyrie or Paladin classes.

Traits like Resolve, Unscathed, and Bodyguard are great to improve the defenses of the Soldier, while Challenger and Concentration are good to improve their offense.