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The Horsebow is an Archery tier 2 light cavalry unit in Symphony of War.


Stats Base Growth
Max HP Med Med
Strength Med High
Magic Low Low
Skill High High

Battle Details

  • Unit type: Archery
  • Can Ambush: No
  • Battle actions: 2 Bow attacks at 1 range, or 1 Arced Bow attack at 2 range
  • Special: +50% evasion on offense


Related Technologies
Journeyman Leathercraft
Behemoth Leather Armor
Advanced Archery Technique
Archer General
Warhorse Husbandry

Strategy and Builds

The Horsebow is a great mobile ranged unit, and can serve well as a squad to weaken enemy squads from range and then retreat behind your other squads to safety.

Bowmanship can help it deal damage to enemies on walls and in forests. Overpower is also a good option as it can increase the morale damage done by the Archer attacks, allowing for easier Forced Surrender.

Note: the Horsebow is a dual archetype, meaning it can contribute to Mixed Unit Tactics as either an Archery, or as a Light Cavalry (though not both, even if you have more than 1 Horsebow/Raider in the squad).