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Legends DLC is downloadable-content for Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga and the only DLC for this game. It was released on september 26 2023. In terms of content, it offers as much as an expansion pack. It will increases the amount of classes, missions, traits and the amount of Artifacts in the game.


It will not extend the campaign by increasing the amount of missions, but it adds 8 Legends Chapter, which can be optionally be played when specific chapters have been completed. These are:

These chapters do develop with campaign progression, by increasing the level of the enemy units, changing classes, squad composition and by changing reinforcements.

New game+

The expansion pack offers the New game+ mode. This will allow the player to start the campaign from either chapter 1 or chapter 4 and allows a great liberty of customizing settings of the game, giving the player the opportunity to either improve or lower the difficulty of the game, with a comparable standard difficulty.

For more information, see New game+.


Legends DLC has added the following artifacts:


Risen units:

Unique mercenaries

The game adds the following Unique mercenaries:

  • Bulwark Bartolo
  • Aggarak the Returned
  • Volkan the Grave
  • Calden Blackwell