Risen Warrior

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The Risen Warrior is a Melee tier 1 infantry unit in Symphony of War Legends DLC. They are obtained by using a Mark of the Risen item (it does nothing to the unit you're using the item on, it just creates a new Risen unit in reserves)


Stats Base Growth
Max HP Med High
Strength Med High
Magic Low None
Skill Med Med

Battle Details

  • Unit type: Heavy Infantry.
  • Can Ambush: No
  • Battle actions: 2 Slashing double-attacks at 1 range.
  • Special: Cannot heal. Slowly accumulates Unlife Essence. Can stack up to 3 minions per unit.


Cannot upgrade, but can class change into any other Risen unit.

Related Technologies
Adept Metallurgy
Advanced Material Science
Steel Forging
Obsidian Forging

Strategy and Builds

The Risen Warrior is a good damage-dealing heavy infantry unit in Risen squads due to its double-attack.

Traits like Resolve, Unscathed, and Bodyguard are great to improve the defenses of the Risen Warrior, while Challenger and Concentration are good to improve their offense.

When not in the front-line and in a mostly Risen squad, the Vengeance trait is very useful for dealing extra damage to accumulate unlife to revive dead ally Risen units.

Warrior's Hubris is also very useful for counteracting their main weakness against magic damage.