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The Necromancer is a Magician tier 4 Slow infantry unit in Symphony of War Legends DLC. This attack dealt by them is often quite hard and it can kill the affected unit. Magic resistant do suffer significantly less damage from these attacks. This attack can restore life energy of normal units and the undead.

Necromancers are the backbone of creating and maintaining a squad with Risen troops. While they cost 15 capacity, each Necromancer in a squad allows for a 0 capacity permanent Risen unit in the squad. They also improve the generation of Unlife Essence, which allows your Risen units to be resurrected or even created from nothing if there is spare capacity and a spare space in the squad.

They can be useful as a squad leader leading a squad full of Risen units. Leader traits, such as Counterattack can be very helpful in this setup.


Stats Base Growth
Max HP Low Low
Strength Low Low
Magic High High
Skill Med Med

Battle Details

  • Unit type: Magician
  • Can Ambush: No
  • Battle actions: 1 Life-stealing Dark Magic attack at 1 range.
  • Special actions: Increases accumulation of Unlife Essence needed to revive/create Risen troops in the squad. Overhealing self from lifesteal can potentially heal allies.


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