War Cat

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The War Cat is a Melee tier 2 infantry unit in Symphony of War Legends DLC.


Stats Base Growth
Max HP High Med
Strength High Med
Magic Low Low
Skill High High

Battle Details

  • Unit type: Light Infantry.
  • Can Ambush: Yes
  • Battle actions: 2 Wide-sweeping Slashing attacks at 1 range
  • Special actions: Attacks deal splash damage to 1 tile adjacent to the target in the same row. Can attack up/down walls. Increased evasion in woods, townscape, hills, and swamp.


Related Technologies
Journeyman Leathercraft
Behemoth Leather Armor

Strategy and Builds

The War Cat is an amazing Light Infantry unit capable of ripping an entire row of enemy units to shreds.

They are only available in Bazaars.

Useful traits will enhance their critical chances and damage, such as Lithe Assault, Assassin's Heart, and Precision. To improve their endurance, it is also useful to give them a trait that will heal them, such as Bloodlust or Assassin's Reaper.