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The Dark Mage is a Magician tier 4 Slow infantry unit in Symphony of War Legends DLC. Before the DLC, this class was only available to enemy units, encountered most often when fighting the Cult of Zanatus. Unlike other units, a promotion to this class cannot be reversed. The Defiled Donari Tome is an unique item which can only be used for promoting this class. It can be acquired in Legend Chapter 3A and...

Dark Mages are good offensive magic damage dealers capable of dealing decent damage to an enemy squad. Inflicting Curse on enemy units will significantly reduce any healing done to them, making Dark Mages very effective at dealing with high-healing squads. Note that Curse doesn't expire after the battle, and will persist until the next Player Phase. It's also the only ranged magic unit, but their ranged magic damage is significantly lower and they are able to apply the effect of curse as well. As a result, they do well in many squads.

The unit, when compared to other mages, is also less vulnerable, due to having an armor rating comparable with light infantry units and in general have more health than most mages, as their health is comparable with support units.

When it comes to traits, the following setups could be considered:

  • Traits like Executioner and Cold-Blooded are useful to improve a Dark Mage's damage output.
  • Arcane Speed and Lithe Assault can be used to improve their chance to critical hit targets significantly.
  • In case the unit has the dark affinity and more strength as a result, the unit can also be used with Overpower to decrease enemy morale in melee and ranged combat. This would make it easier to surrender units or to lower damage output of the enemy squad as well. Overpower can be combined with Arcane Might trait, in order to increase their morale damage further, as the dark mage has very high magic. The Challenger trait can also serve this role, but the strength boost is inconsistent. And as soon as the magic statistic reaches 108 and beyond, the extra strenght is inferior to the other trait, which is virtually applicable to all Dark Mages under command of the player characters.


Stats Base Growth
Max HP Low Low
Strength Low Low
Magic V. High High
Skill Med Med

Battle Details

  • Unit type: Magician
  • Can Ambush: No
  • Battle actions: 2 Explosive Dark Magic attack at 1 range. Can attack once from 2 range, but dealing far less damage or none at all to magic resistant units.
  • Special actions: Deals splash damage in diamond shape around primary target. Chance to inflict Curse (suppress healing) on targets hit.


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