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The unique mercenaries are the mercenaries with their name in orange letters when encountered in the shop or the bazaar. They stand out with their unique name, description and usually have three or four traits instead of two. They are mostly tier 3 or tier 4 units. The extra traits, which are not class-dependent, are permanent, with the expection being the empty slot(s). These mercenaries have either highly developed stats or they are something in between highly developed and average. All unique mercenaries, with some expections, start with the Mercenary traits and thus take more Capacity at the start.

Unlike most unique characters, their class is changeable, thus if the unique traits are desired for a different class, it can be done.

Table of mercenaries

Caption text
Name Class Tier 1 class Affinity Traits Stats Notes Description Trivia
Bulwark Bartolo Arbalest Bowman Earth Benevolent
High HP, low Skill. Other stats allround Can be used as leader with a few more traits than normal The people of the Midlands have suffered long enough! Added with the Legends DLC.
Sir Rolante Knight Fighter Water Knight Captain Decent all round stats, reasonable starting LDR One of the few mercenaries with only two trait slots. If you get him early on, he can make a good squad leader. Later in the game, he isn't. The lost noble souls of the past live within me. Name and description refer to the Headless Horseman?
Aggarak the Returned Dark Mage N/A Earth Challenger
High HP and Strength. Subpar Magic and leadership. Very low skill It's high strength, with the traits of Overpower and Challenger, should be used in a squad with a Silver-Tongued leader to make surrenders more likely in surrender attacks. The mercenary can also be placed in a morale breaker squad, which attacks before a Silver-Tongued swoops in. Changing the affinity to Dark increases the relevant stats further. Quite expensive mercenary Break their will to live. Added with the Legends DLC.
Lord Carnith Zweihander Fighter Earth Bodyguard
Decent all-round stats with good HP Starts as Loyal and is relatively cheap. Nothing too special, but a great addition to any army. I will guard the future of Veridia just as my ancestors did... whatever and whomever that may be.
Slayer Alphonse Champion Fighter Lightning Dragonslayer
Tundra Warrior
Warrior's Hubris
All stats are decent and strength is very high. Its high strength and skill, make the character an excellent dragon slayer. Quite expensive. I do not fear these great beasts. They are cunning, but they do not understand the ways of war.
Granis, the Lightbringer Champion Fighter Fire Warrior's Hubris
Generally average stats. Decent unit, but nothing too special. Donar, send me your greatest foes.
General Bizen Samurai Fighter Fire Bowmanship
Desert Warrior
Archer Captain
Polearm Warrior
Fairly high leadership Combined with fairly high leadership and one free slot, this mercenary can have a total of three leadership traits and can be become a very good leader. I am not impressed by these firearms. Witness the true power of the marksman.
Warlord Tatar Centurion Fighter Fire Desert Warrior
Polearm Warrior
Good STR and HP. Decent leadership, can be become a squad leader fairly fast. The warlord can also be class-changed into a Sentinel to make better use of its traits. The deserts of Sayunaa could not take my life, nor will any of you fools!
Zeteni the Undying Sentinel Fighter Earth Unscathed
Immortal Spirit
Polearm Warrior
High HP His traits make him one of the best sentinels and tanks out there. Can be changed to water affinity and/or given Warrior's Hubris to boost magic for magic resistance essentially making him resilient against all damage types. Offense wins battles. Defense wins wars. Those who understand this shape our world.
Guy Verre Kanon Zweihander Fighter Light Silver-Tongued
Treasure Hunter
Decent LDR. His leader skills make him an excellent squad leader focused on surrendering enemies. Adding the benevolent trait can increase this further. The rare guile traits makes this unit extra valuable as well and could also be used for other classes. For example the Knight for inflicting shock behind the front line. Or Champion, to ensure someone's death behind the front line. From destitution findeth restitution.
Lady Clarimonde Valkyrie Militia Water Beacon
Arcane Barrier
Magic Armor
Decent LDR. She makes a good squad leader if you get her in the early game. Otherwise, she can work well as a strong defensive unit The ultimate leader is the ultimate servant, and will achieve victory over a tyrant.
Calvor the Tireless Ranger Fighter Earth Unscathed
High HP. Its traits and high HP make this an excellent light infantry defender. Can also be changed into a sentinel or other heavy infantry unit if ranger role is not preferred. If we do this right, we won't even need cumbersome armor.
Cutthroat Klok Assassin Fighter Dark Treasure Hunter
Stealth Attack
Decent strength and fairly high magic. Low leadership. Class can be changed to centurion or samurai to make better use of magic stat, if willing to use this mercenary as a frontliner. Can be made into a leader, but does require quite some medals of valor or mentoring, before being decent. Fame is transient. Glory is meaningless. But wealth is joy.
Teriq the Wicked Raider Bowman Lightning Bowmanship
Hit and Run
High SKL. A good archer unit, can easily fit into any squad. Usually they beg for the sweet release of death.
Matriarch Rosalie Templar Medic Fire Soldier Captain High LDR Very good leader if obtained early on, can lead a solid defensive squad full of heavy infantry. Men of Veridia, come to my side, and we shall purge this fallen world of filth and sin.
Centhos the Muse Apprentice Fighter Light Prodigy
High LDR Can be a good leader to move in and force surrender weakened enemy squads. Light and prodigy also increase Leaderskill development significantly, unit could become a great leader. Words belie actions... always seek to pierce the veil to one's true self. The only Tier 2 Unique Mercenary
Konrad the Cold Ice Mage Fighter Water Arcane Speed High SKL A solid mage, useful in most squads Whaddya think, cool name, huh?! Okay well, it is descriptive, is it not?
The Outcast Lightning Mage Fighter Dark Smite One of the highest MAG stats in the game. High MAG means he does a lot of damage, but is fairly low HP. Can be given Arcane Barrier to improve survivability, or Cold-Blooded or Executioner to be an all-out glass cannon. If you will not have me, then you will die...
Kaffi the Curious Sorceress Medic Dark Unassuming
Very high SKL and fairly high magic. Other stats are allround. A more powerful version of the average sorceress. Oh, another bad guy? How would you like me to kill them all this time?
Cloudrender Athelis Silver Dragon Rider Drakeling Fire Imposing
Tundra Warrior
High stats One of the most expensive mercenaries. Can allow early flying squads before researching dragon rider technology A new age is upon us - and dragons will rule it from the skies!
Renalyn Steelheart Swordmaster Militia Fire Lithe Assault
Desert Warrior
High SKL and other stats average. An excellent swordmaster, can wipe out many enemies with 1 shot. Fire affinity should be traded in for lightning affinity. Can also be transformed into an archer or samurai, but this does require demoting the unit to tier 1 unit militia. I have nothing left but my blade. May it carve a new path for me.
Volkan the Grave Necromancer N/A Earth Cold-Blooded Average stats Not particularly unique in terms of stats, but he is a necromancer you don't need a book to get, so that is nice, especially if encountered early. What you have tried to bury will not stay buried! Added with the Legends DLC.
Sato the Cautious Oracle Fighter Water Beacon
Arcane Barrier
High MAG A good, solid oracle. Can keep most squads safer while having traits that keep him alive. One must save themselves before they can save others. Added with the Legends DLC.
Calden Blackwell Field Cannon Fighter Fire Rally Average stats Nothing too special, but field cannons are always nice. One of the few unique mercenaries with only two stat slots. History is written by the army with the biggest artillery. Added with the Legends DLC.
Lt. Archibald Dragoon Fighter Lightning Shock and Awe
Hit and Run
Decent leadership. Can be used as a gunner or cannon squad leader when recruited. Those who cling to the past will be swallowed up by the future.
Deadeye Domak Warbow Bowman Earth Assassin's Heart
Decent SKL. Based on stats and traits, a more powerful version of the average warbow. The earth Affinity should be traded for something else, preferable lightning. If changing class, he become a raider or samurai. Got another one.

* Requires Archer General technology