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The Centurion is a Melee tier 3 infantry unit in Symphony of War and the ultimate anti-cavalry infantry unit. It can only be gained by promoting Spearman to this class. It has the special ability to also hit an unit behind the main target and thus can hit two units in a single row. As such, it can also be used to inflict quite some damage on the middle row of a squad, in case the frontline is a defensive formation. When encountering squad with these units, that has to be taking into consideration as well.

The Centurion is a solid offensive front-line anti-cavalry heavy infantry. Having the Polearm Warrior trait makes them ideal as defensive and offensive units against enemy Cavalry. Their piercing attack is also fantastic at striking enemies behind the front-line.

As the unit is versatile, there are many traits for them:

  • Traits like Resolve, Unscathed, and Bodyguard are great to improve the defenses of the Samurai. Warrior's Hubris is also very useful for counteracting their main weakness against magic damage.
  • Challenger, Concentration and Cold-Blooded are good to improve their offense.
  • As a specialised unit, it can be given the traits of Dragonslayer and Smite, in order to make the unit an anti-magic and anti-assassin unit.
  • Lithe Assault and Precision should improve overall damage, especially against more heavily armored units. Another combination is Lithe Assault and Assassin's Heart, increasing critical damage and critical hit chance. This is recommended, if the unit has decent skill. Otherwise, damage could be increased more likely with a different set of traits.
  • Overpower is also a good option as it can increase the morale damage done by attacks, allowing for easier Forced Surrender. Combined with Disarm, it can be used to lower damage.


Stats Base Growth
Max HP High High
Strength High High
Magic Low Low
Skill Med Med

Battle Details

  • Unit type: Heavy Infantry
  • Can Ambush: No
  • Battle actions: 2 Piercing Polearm attacks at 1 range.
  • Special: Attacks deal damage to unit 1 tile behind the target. +15% damage dealt if adjacent to another Polearm user in the same row. +35% Damage dealt to Cavalry units.


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