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The Sorceress is a Magician tier 3 Slow infantry unit in Symphony of War.


Stats Base Growth
Max HP Med Low
Strength Low Low
Magic High High
Skill Med Med

Battle Details

  • Unit type: Magician
  • Can Ambush: No
  • Battle actions: 1 Explosive Dark Magic attack at 1 range
  • Special actions: Deals splash damage in diamond shape around primary target. Chance to Stun (prevent enemy action) or Daze (lower STR by 25%) targets


Related Technologies
Hex Mastery
Spirit Piercing
Mage Regiments

Strategy and Builds

Sorceresses are an excellent addition to any well-rounded squad. With their relatively large splash range and status effects, they can significantly reduce the offensive effectiveness of the enemy squad in battle. They are great in defensive squads as they will attack on the first round (unlike other mages that will always charge their spell in the first round on defense).

Since the Sorceress doesn't do all that much damage, traits that improve their damage aren't particularly useful. Instead, defensive traits like Unassuming and Arcane Barrier are useful traits to keep them alive.