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The Skirmisher is a Melee tier 2 infantry unit in Symphony of War.


Stats Base Growth
Max HP Med Med
Strength Med Med
Magic Low Low
Skill Med High

Battle Details

  • Unit type: Light Infantry.
  • Can Ambush: Yes
  • Battle actions: 2 Slashing attacks at 1 range
  • Special actions: Increased evasion in woods, townscape, hills, and swamp.


Related Technologies
Journeyman Leathercraft
Behemoth Leather Armor

Strategy and Builds

The Skirmisher is a generic Light Infantry unit that is mostly unremarkable. The main purpose of a Skirmisher is to rank up to Tier 3. Due to their high SKL, they make decent firearms/cannon units.

Useful traits will enhance their critical chances and damage, such as Lithe Assault, Assassin's Heart, and Precision.